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You wouldn’t jump into a triathlon without a training plan, so why navigate childbirth without one?


Labor and childbirth are often compared to a triathlon, as both are extraordinary physical feats with a strong mental component. As any athlete knows, a healthy mindset and planning are key to success. The power and strength to have a great birth lies within you, and always has. By preparing your mind, body, and home together we can harness that power, giving you the knowledge and confidence for a strong journey from start to finish.

the Tasks of Preparation

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are feeling the wounding impact of childbirth preparation having been reduced to medical orientation. We have begun to see a rise in parents preparing differently after their first childbirth experience, expressing there's this deep knowing inside that birth is a multi-layered, mysterious rite of passage. 

Our focus on outcome (vaginal, surgical, medicated or natural) and where we decide to birth (at home, in a hospital or birth center) interferes with the existential experience of not only birthing new life, but also birthing a new You.

Our decisions are being influenced by a vast web of external influences, which leaves little room for us to focus on the mind, body, spirit, and relationships of those involved. 

Aspired Mother was built on the foundation that all parents deserve a well-rounded holistic support system that honors their beliefs and meets them where they are at. We believe that in order to fulfill that need we must have an honest, open, and transparent relationship with each person that chooses us to be in their space .

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Our Coaching Style


Our aim is to help you develop new tools and practices that can be used throughout your birth journey. By working from the "inside out" and "outside in" we are able to proactively address all possible factors that influence the quality and outcome of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

We support the value of Allopathic and Functional Medicines and when it is appropriate to refer out or to discuss protocols to help with the current issue. We cannot have one without the other; Allopathic care is often urgent for well-being of Mother and baby, whereas Functional Medicine is more preventative care based on the foundations of plant pharmacology, nutrition, sleep patterns, and bodily elimination.

We offer education and resources so that families can make the best choices for themselves. Sailing these uncharted waters without judgement is the hardest thing about parenthood.

We believe in building a two-way relationship between you and your provider so that you can have the best birthing and postpartum experience and team possible!

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behind the experience

Brooke Sternberg (she/her) is a women who is committed to helping others through life altering experiences. Though she dawns the title DOULA these days, Brooke is a spiritual, creative, purpose-driven women, with a diverse background in designing healing environments, supporting women through a variety of life transitions, and facilitating wellness workshops and trainings all over the country. 

Long before becoming a Doula, Brooke witnessed the power of birth, experienced the unimaginable heartache of miscarrying and postpartum depression. It was in the process of acceptance and grief, where she witnessed the connection between spirituality, death, and childbirth deepen, and thus, her work began to evolve into the field of maternal health and spiritual midwifery.

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The transitions between our life chapters are challenging, and we have to reinvent ourselves, rediscovering what our life is about and redefining our needs. The way we navigate through this transformational process affects the rest of our lives.

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Rooted in Brooke's deep appreciation for the transformational experience of childbirth, Brooke places great value on individuality and encourages you to stay on your own journey of continual self-awareness. She looks at how birth transforms us as people and sees it as a "Rite of Passage", an opportunity to discover more of who we are and the difference we can make in the world. 


Expecting parents, especially those who have already journeyed through Laborland once or twice come to us with the question of, "What is birth if it is not controllable?" or "what is birth if it is more than all the knowledge you can take from a book", so Brooke promotes creativity through her sessions as a way of stepping away from our head and getting to the heart of the matter. Because Brooke is a very creative person she will use a lot of birth art, games, visualization, creativity, music, dance -- a really holistic approach to preparing yourself for the transformation that birth brings. 

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