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Reiki Therapy​

Birthing is a sacred event, something to be enjoyed, involving as little pain and discomfort for you, allowing your baby to arrive in a much more peaceful way.  Bringing new life into the world is very special.  Reiki can enhance this beautiful experience for all involved, mother, baby and family.  It helps prepare you in body, mind and spirit for the miracle of bringing life into the world.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that reduces stress and relaxes one’s body and mind, thereby promoting healing. It relies on the principle in which a Reiki Master channels the unseen life-force energy within them by the means of light, comfort touch to drive the natural healing mechanism within a client. In a nutshell, Reiki is a spiritually guided life-force energy.

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Reiki Before Childbirth


Reiki is a holistic method that can be very beneficial during pregnancy, helping to relieve worry, face discomfort and hormonal changes in a gentle, safe and non-invasive way, and can result in better sleep as well because you will be far more relaxed after a Reiki session.  Reiki can help to relieve symptoms of morning sickness.  It will help you to be more grounded emotionally, benefiting both the mother to be and her growing baby.  Reiki brings a balanced and harmonious relationship to you and your fetus while keeping your baby healthy and safe.

Reiki During Labor


Reiki works beautifully during labor in relieving the pain and anxiety of the contractions and may even reduce or eliminate the need for medical pain relief methods. The calming and centering resulting from Reiki helps you to be more grounded and empowered during your baby’s birth. 


In Brooke's experience, babies are much more calm if their mothers receive Reiki during labor. Being relaxed during labor can help to speed the time it takes in getting to delivery, and allowing the delivery to be much easier. 


Your body knows exactly what to do. 


If you are feeling more peaceful and the rest of your body is relaxed, the muscles used to deliver the baby are the only ones that need to do the work, allowing you to concentrate on contractions.


Reiki After Birth


Reiki accellerates the healing process and reduces postpartum symptoms, helping your body return to its normal state, bringing both physical and emotional healing as you adjust during the first weeks of your baby’s new life.  It is also a wonderful support after a difficult or cesarean birth, reducing your recovery time.  You can receive a Reiki treatment while holding your baby in your arms so that the baby is also receiving the energies.

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Our Approach


Our private one-on-one sessions are from the comfort of your home so that you and Brooke can speak freely. You will begin your session with an explanation of formalities, including details such as session timings, paperwork, Brooke's role, your role, confidentiality, etc. Brooke will also explain her integrative approach to coaching and energy body alignment to better understand the coaching process. From there, you will work toward gaining a more precise foundation of the issues concerning you. Some people come to their sessions knowing exactly what they want to work on; others come with general feelings weighing them down, so Brooke will ask a series of questions to help see the bigger picture. This process will continue throughout your sessions as you explore what is happening, how it affects you, and how to work toward change.

She will be there to listen and hear you, support you, and accept you at every step.

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