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Maternity Photoshoot - Aspired Mother Holistic Doula Services

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Aspired Mother Holistic Doula Services in Palm Beach and Broward county Florida


Birth Journey


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Let's Start With Your Vision

When you think about having support for the journey ahead, what are you looking to accomplish? What does support look like in pregnancy, labor, post birth or even in the event of unexpected loss?


If you are you looking for a guide to inspire, nourish, and bring forth a sense of confidence and power to awaken the conscious Mother you envision then you've come to the right place.

Here at Aspired Mother, I provide tools to help you feel empowered in your choices throughout your journey. I support the health and well-being of you and your little one and share the wisdom to care for you after birth. Our goal is for you to grow, heal and deepen in ways you never knew possible.

With me, you get to make the rules and set the tone for the experience you desire.

After all, it's your birth, your body, and your baby.

Childbirth Support - Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Support


Baby Shower Gift Registry for Expecting Mothers in Palm Beach County


Vegan, Gluten free lactation cookies


Brooke Sternberg Full Spectrum Doula in Palm Beach County Florida



My name is Brooke Sternberg. I am an experienced Birth Doula, Ayurvedic Postpartum Specialist, Reiki Master, and holistic health & wellness educator serving families around Palm Beach, Broward and surrounding counties in sunny South Florida. 


I believe that this is one of those pivotal moments in your life where you just have to take the leap and invest in yourself. Together, we can harness that power by preparing your mind, body, and home together, giving you the knowledge and confidence for a transformational journey ahead.

Are you ready to create a birth experience that nurtures, so you flourish as a conscious Mother?



Labor and Postpartum Doula Client Review of Aspired Mother Services

"Brooke is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about what she does. Jorge and I were taken back by our first birth, it ended in a cesarean, and we strongly feel that it could have been easily avoided. "Big Baby" my a**!!! So, now with our second, we wanted to be prepared and knew having a doula would help us make informed-decisions along the way. Brooke really helped us both not only throughout pregnancy, but with labor and in the first 6 weeks after. She gives you her time and brings so much knowledge. You won't be disappointed."


AM Village App

With so many of you beginning to withdraw from the social media platforms we have developed an App that offers us a chance to engage more often and receive support on-the-go. 

It's Practically a Doula and a Village in Your Pocket!

Virtual Doula and Community support for new moms in Palm Beach county Florida

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