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When it comes to the birth of a baby, we often find ourselves creating Pinterest boards of all the MUST-HAVES - stroller, car seat, crib, and so on. Yet, we often forget about one of the most valuable gift we can get as new parents, the investment in our emotional support, confidence and hands-on-skills. Whether you would benefit from mindful childbirth preparation classes, a birth doula or the extra support at home of a postpartum doula, you can be gifted our services. Luxury services like professional labor support or an expert postpartum doula can add up, but the gift of non-judgmental support and confidence in parenting is invaluable. 

Once you sign your contract, your friends and family can use this complimentary gift registry to add funds towards your doula services. We can even create a personal listing for you to share when your loved ones ask where you are registered! 


gift registry

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