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A circular rock labyrinth is found on the edge of the Pacific Ocean just north of San Fran

Unlock the Power of Preparation

Stop feeling unprepared and start feeling confident with prenatal preparation.


What brought you here?

You believe that birth is more than a medicalized event and seek the opportunity for profound healing, growth and transformation

You are the adventurous type and are looking for an approach that offers a presentation that is quite experiential

You seek for practical wisdom as you want to reclaim the ancient and sacred aspect of mothering

You are the creative type that desires a balance of evidence-based information with art and personal awareness


Here's How We Can Support You

We focus on establishing a resilient mindset and reharmonize you with nature rather than a set of "tools". Regardless of where or how you plan to birth and recover afterwards, this series will take you beyond the external noise, advice, stories, and dogma around birth and postpartum to help you learn and practice:

LEARN​ about the birth process as well as postpartum healing and explore what is important to you

DISCOVER your inner resources and develop a mindset around pain-coping and self preservation

CONNECT with your support team, your partner, and yourself in birth and within those first 42 days after birth

FACE the unknown with courage, wisdom and self-love by preparing for the Rite of Passage


nice to meet ya!


I'm Brooke

I believe the most important thing you need on this journey is to know your body, your options, the facts, and clarity around what you want or how you envision it all to be--- much like planning your wedding. This is another Rite of Passage that should not be overlooked.



"I love Brooke's approach to childbirth preparation. She prepares you both to be emotionally and mentally prepared for a wide range of birth experiences.


She takes you on a metaphysical journey that awakens something deep within you, something more valuable than a series of breathing techniques. Birth became a mind-body experience for us. It transformed the way I see myself as a Mother."



here's what ya get

  • Become aware of the ENORMOUS transformation that is labor and the birth of your baby;

  • Learn how your birth experience can shape your relationship with yourself, your partner and of course, your baby.

  • Practice hands-on pain-coping tools to manage the discomfort of labor.

  • Have actionable at-home activities to build your confidence and reduce the anxiety associated with the birth process.

  • Discover the communication tools and language for conveying your thoughts and asking questions to your medical team, enabling you to gather decision making information, even in moments of pain, overwhelm and confusion.

  • Come to a deeper level of understanding regarding your new role as a parent, and how your birth can influence that role.

  • Learn about your expectations of one another and how to support each other through the early postpartum days and months.  

  • To prepare for “the unexpected” by learning about mindful inductions, mindful epidurals and having a cesarean in awareness.

  • To learn about the stages of labor through storytelling and discussion. 

  • To fully integrate Optimal Maternal Positioning (commonly known as Spinning Babies) to encourage labor's natural start, to keep labor progressing normally, and to potentially save hours of time during labor.

  • To enjoy spending time focusing on you, your partner, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and the days, weeks and months that will follow.


what they're saying

I wanted to try for a VBAC and have some additional preparation from the Hypnobirth training I did last time, so I signed up for one of Brooke's Birth Prep workshops. It was a creative, holistic approach to birth education. Worth the money and experience.


I didn't know where to start, as this is my first birth. I wasn't looking to hire a doula as my sister and girlfriend supported me, but I wanted help writing out my birth plan. Brooke took her time with me and helped me understand all the possible interventions in a hospital. I learned so much!


Before my prenatal session with Brooke, I never thought of how to care for myself -- mentally, spiritually, and physically after birth. With her guidance, we could establish a plan and house rules/boundaries with the family, so everyone was on the page. 


Birth Prep Options


Choose A Path

best value

This is perfect for those who:

  • are looking for personalized support to learn about labor and birth options to help craft a Birth Plan that works for you

  • are looking for help in developing a birth team members or determining the ideal location to birth


most popular

This 3-part series is perfect for those who:  

  • in addition to creating a Birth Plan want to understand labor and birth positioning and when to use then to benefit you during labor

  • want to know the signs of impending labor vs. when your labor actually begins


most exclusive

This 5-part series is perfect for those who:

  • in addition to creating a birth plan and knowing how to labor want to prepare for life after baby with a Postpartum Roadmap, including tips on postpartum healing, nutrition, self care routine (dinacharya) for restoration, and learn the basics of newborn feeding and care



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most often asked questions an expectant family has inquired about prior to hiring me, if there isn't an answer to a question that you have please feel free to contact me. 

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