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Most of us today view birth as complex and even chaotic at times, so together we will develop a roadmap that is not only science-based and aligned to your unique needs but will show you ways to maintain satisfaction amid uncertainty. 

Aspired Mother supports you in cultivating a deep connection between your body and baby by incorporating a few different low-intervention techniques to help common discomforts and complications of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, in a way that is consistent with your belief system.

I hope you can find what you're looking for, whether it be in preparing for the road ahead, navigating Laborland, or establishing a healthy postpartum routine for you, your baby, and your family. 



​Investing time in preparing for labor, birth, and beyond is one of the best ways to connect with your baby and invest in yourself and your relationship. This series of sessions are scheduled ahead of time and designed to allow ample time to practice pain-coping techniques, breathing exercises, emotional processing, strategy identification, guided journaling, meditation, and more.

I strongly recommend participating in prenatal classes to prepare for various aspects of labor, birth, and newborn parenting. Doing these sessions you will gain a deeper understanding of your belief system, values, and journey toward birth.

task of preparation




opening of the portal


​Unlike a baby shower, a Mother Blessing celebrates her initiation into Motherhood.

It is a chance for the women she holds close to her heart to join her in celebrating her Rite of Passage as she begins the descent into Laborland. Together, we will share a sacred time of reflection to help her gain a sense of power, confidence, and support to help her rise to motherhood.

Aspired Mother Holistic Reproductive Services



As you navigate the journey into laborland you need not go in alone. No matter the chosen birth venue, I will draw upon my professional training, knowledge and experience to offer continuous physical, emotional and informational support.

My goal is to help you stay as close to your birth plan as possible. Some of the ways is to establish a calm environment, provide reassurance and perspective, help facilitate communication with staff to ensure you are able to obtain the information needed to make informed decisions, provide coping strategies and hands-on support, and support in feeding your newborn.​

crossing the threshold


mothering the mama


When a new Mother is not adequately supported and cared for during those first 6 weeks after birth, it shows up as "postpartum blues," depression, anxiety overwhelms, fatigue, issues with breastfeeding and bonding, and other chronic problems. 

My role during this time is to support her optimal well-being so that she feels balanced, aligned, and a more awakened version of herself. Through the use of foods, spices, herbal therapies, bodywork, and lifestyle changes, we can create conditions for optimal health. 

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During this sacred ceremony we mindfully and gently close the body, mind and soul after the deep opening of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Using releasing techniques, a healing bath, breathwork, healing touch and other energy clearing tools I will hold the space for you as you intently call in what you need and release what is no longer serving.

closing of the portal
Image by Jonathan Borba


navigating loss


If you are facing a pregnancy loss you are not alone. I want you to know that this is a journey that you do not have to travel alone. A loss during any week of your pregnancy deserves to be validated. As a Full Spectrum Doula, I am prepared to support in all aspects of pregnancy including infant loss. If you have just received news that your baby is incompatible with life, you are already experiencing the early signs of miscarriage, or you are having to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy, I can help.


"Brooke and her back up doula were such a dependable source during our first weeks home with our 3rd baby. We were worried about struggling with postpartum depression (again) and their presence just helped me ease into postpartum."

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