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by having a Doula present

Achieve the Birth You Envision


What brought you here?

Experiencing a lack of confidence and the idea of giving birth frightens you

Feel disconnected to your body (and/or baby) and wish to learn how to tap into your intuitive wisdom for working with pain

Desire to improve the communication, connection and cooperation between you, your partner and provider

Looking for the expert who can teach you stress-reducing skills for greater joy and wellbeing before, during and after birth


Here's How Doula Support Can Help!


You have a voice. Use it. 

Know your options and make decisions from an informed place. 

You deserve to feel that your chosen birth team has your back and preferences in mind.

One thing is for certain: things are always changing. What feels amazing one moment may not be the next.


We come equipped with techniques to help ease the discomfort and relax. 


Feel confident despite the twists and turns.


Sometimes you'll need a strong voice to tell you to keep going.


Sometimes, you'll need a small voice reminding you to breathe


nice to meet ya!


I'm Brooke

I believe that doing everything you can to prepare for your labor and birth allows you to show up fully for your own unique, empowered birth experience, and to surrender completely to the process as it unfolds - from a place of deep trust and confidence. 


kind words

I gave birth 2 months ago and I must say that I wouldn't have changed anything because I learned how to deal with pain. Thanks to Brooke, she helped me go through this experience as a first time mom. It was scary not knowing what could happen, but Brooke was attentive and brings such great energy to the birth space.


My birth was a success, with no complications. If this is your first pregnancy or told you are HIGH RISK, Brooke is the above and beyond doula you need-- emotionally and physically. She feels like family 😊



here's what ya get


  • Complimentary consultation

  • Prenatal sessions to discuss your birth preferences and postpartum planning decisions

  • Unlimited phone and text support

  • Help to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally

  • Discussions about newborn care and feeding

  • Routine checkins after all provider appointments

  • On-call availability 

  • Community resources, materials, and reading suggestions



  • Early labor guidance and tips to help labor progress

  • Coaching and guidance to stay calm and relaxed

  • Guidance to know when to go to your birth location

  • Support and advice for partners to be involved

  • Hands-on, non-medical comfort techniques and suggestions

  • Information and support for informed decision-making

  • Help communicating your wishes to your care team

  • Post birth care (help with initial recovery and feeding)



  • In-home visits to check-in

  • Guidance and advice for your recovery

  • Frequent mental health check-ins, discussions and resources

  • Help with all forms of feeding

  • Guidance to learn infant care

  • Light household assistance like laundry, meal prep, or help with older children

  • Tips for common issues like infant sleep, gas, and comforting your baby

  • Community resources and referrals to programs and services



After our first cesarean, I knew I could not be in the OR with my wife again and I needed to make sure she had someone in there with her the entire time. Brooke was incredible! She arrived early to our home that morning and helped my wife with a Reiki session and then stayed with her for a few hours after the birth. I highly recommend hiring a doula!


what they're saying

Brooke is a valuable resource in your corner. At first I wasn't aware of why we needed a doula, but in the end it was the best decision we made. When our birth plan imploded, she was just as much of a supporter of me as the father as she was of my wife. Highly recommend!


Brooke was there for me just as much as she was there for my wife. My wife wanted a home birth and I have to admit I didn't see why at first, but having Brooke there with us allowed for me to just be there for Sarah, knowing that we had someone with experience with us the entire time. 


Labor Care Packages


best value



The Silver Package is ideal for those who have decided that a gentle cesarean is best for them mentally and physically; have done most of the preparation already on their own; or are really looking for hands-off support in active labor as this isn't their first rodeo. 


Plan includes:

  • 30 Days of On-Call Support

  • 1 Provider Prenatal Appt 

  • Support Upon Arrival to Hospital and up to 2 Hours Post Birth

  • Support with Discharge

  • 1 In-Home Postpartum Session within First Week 

  • Optional: Photography

  • Optional: Bereavement Support

Choose a Path

most popular



The Gold Package is ideal for those who have decided to birth vaginally at a the hospital, desire a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth, or a TOLAC (trial of labor after a cesarean) birth. This is our most favored plan by first time moms as they want continuous expert support.


Plan includes:

  • 60 Days of On-Call Support

  • 3 Prenatal Planning Sessions

  • 1 Provider Prenatal Appt

  • On-call for 3 weeks

  • Support from Early Labor up to 4 Hours After Birth

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions

  • Optional: Photography

  • Optional: Bereavement Support

  • Discount on Future Services

most exclusive



The Platinum Package is ideal for those who wish to birth out of the hospital, experience a HBAC (home birth after cesarean), VBB (vaginal breeched birth), or had experienced abuse or trauma in their past.


Plan includes:

  • 90+ Days of On-Call Support

  • 5 Prenatal Planning Sessions

  • Up to 3 Provider Appts

  • Support from Early Labor up to 4 Hours After Birth

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions

  • Optional: Photography

  • Optional: Bereavement Support

  • Discount on Future Services

Over the years we have grown and through so many impactful experiences we have identified three plans that work for different situations. Keep in mind that if none of them meet your needs, we are happy to put together a custom care plan.

⇢ We accept payments by check, debt or credit card, as well as use of Health Savings account.
⇢ Payment plans are available, upon request.
⇢ A 50% retainer is required to secure your timeframe and paid in full before 37 weeks gestation.

INSURANCEHave an insurance company that covers all or a portion of labor services? We don’t process insurance in our office; however, we are able to provide you a Statement for Reimbursement after services are rendered. You can also use a HSA or FSA card as well as adding our services to your registry. Be sure to inquire about this at time of initial consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most often asked questions an expectant family has inquired about prior to hiring me, if there isn't an answer to a question that you have please feel free to contact us. 

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