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Ayurvedic Postpartum Care


can you relate to this right now?

You have had a great self care routine pre-baby, but now worry that you will have a hard time ensuring you are carving time each day for yourself

You are worried that you (and your partner) will be sleep deprived during those forst 6 weeks postpartum

You are looking to bring forth some traditional postpartum therapies into your experience to enhance your healing process

You know you can just as easily cook, but it would be nice to have someone come to your home and cook for recipes that will enhance healing and lactation


Here's How My Care Can Help!

In many cultures across the globe there is a shared belief that a newborn Mother's health in the first 42 days after birth sets the stage for the next 42 years of her life. It is a time for deep, extended bonding and an opportunity for complete rejuvenation physically, mentally and spiritually.

Your one role in these first 6 weeks is to regulate your newborns nervous system which has a direct impact on their psyche. They will be experiencing everything for the first time and their sense of self is built on their surrounding. By 

The greatest need from a Newborn Mother is a type of Mothering that offers a sense of unconditional love, where she may feel completely held, safe and nourished at the deepest level possible. This sense of nurturing is exactly what is needed for true healing to occur.



nice to meet ya!

I'm Brooke

With a foundation in Ayurveda, I come into your cocoon to support the rekindling of your digestive fire, balance and stabilize the vata dosha, and rewire your entire system for a lifetime of love and service.


kind words

I gave birth 2 months ago and I must say that I wouldn't have changed anything because I learned how to deal with pain. Thanks to Brooke, she helped me go through this experience as a first time mom. It was scary not knowing what could happen, but Brooke was attentive and brings such great energy to the birth space.


My birth was a success, with no complications. If this is your first pregnancy or told you are HIGH RISK, Brooke is the above and beyond doula you need-- emotionally and physically. She feels like family 😊



here's what ya get


Nourishing foods and a peaceful home replenishes you during this time where you otherwise might feel vulnerable or overwhelmed. I can prepare nutrient-dense foods (full of protein, good fats, micronutrients, and galactagogues) and herbal teas to heal and support lactation.



I see yoga as the container for a your health and wellbeing simply through your devotion to yourself throughout the 42 days. As you build your strength we will work up to a more defined meditation, energy clearing, (Pranayama) breath work and eventually postures and movement.



Begin the process of reconnecting to your body, your baby, and your sense of Self again. I will share  simple bodywork techniques like massage (abhyanga), marma therapy, vaginal (yoni) steaming, and dry brushing, and benkung belly binding. I will provide ample demonstration to ensure you are able to establish a daily routine.



Without ample rest, your nervous system and adrenals begin to destabilize, creating disharmony and risks interference with lactation, healing, newborn care, bonding and more. My presence provides you with breaks from baby, shower time, and naps. This is incredibly important!!!



After our first cesarean, I knew I could not be in the OR with my wife again and I needed to make sure she had someone in there with her the entire time. Brooke was incredible! She arrived early to our home that morning and helped my wife with a Reiki session and then stayed with her for a few hours after the birth. I highly recommend hiring a doula!


what they're saying

Brooke is a valuable resource in your corner. At first I wasn't aware of why we needed a doula, but in the end it was the best decision we made. When our birth plan imploded, she was just as much of a supporter of me as the father as she was of my wife. Highly recommend!


Brooke was there for me just as much as she was there for my wife. My wife wanted a home birth and I have to admit I didn't see why at first, but having Brooke there with us allowed for me to just be there for Sarah, knowing that we had someone with experience with us the entire time. 


Labor Care Packages


best value



This care plan is ideal for the mamas who:

  • would like a doula present upon their arrival home to ensure that everyone is settling in properly

  • would like a home cooked nutritious meal will be prepared to your dietary needs, including lactation cookies and teas

  • would like to receive breastfeeding and newborn care support from the very start

Service Options

most popular



This care plan is ideal for the mamas who:  

  • desire hands-on support for 5-weekday mornings, between 6 am and 11am, to allow deep rest for your best recovery.

  • desire support with newborn care, light tiding up of the public areas, including dishes, bottle service, and laundry.

  • daily meal preparation of nutritious breakfast/lunch so that your body receives the nutrients needed for optimal recovery

most exclusive



This care plan is ideal for the mamas who:

  • would like support within those first two weeks to promote healing of the perineal tissues, repositioning of organs (if you had a cesarean) and help reduce the length of postpartum bleeding.

  • would like support in reestablishing their self-care morning routine  (dinacharya) - rest, self-massage, 


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most often asked questions an expectant family has inquired about prior to hiring me, if there isn't an answer to a question that you have please feel free to contact me. 

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