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Take Charge of Your Postpartum Recovery

Whether you have a few days, a week, or a month, prepare to make the most of your postpartum lying-in period so you can do the most important thing once baby arrives: heal and bond


What brought you here?

The awareness that I must adjust my lifestyle to 'slow living' to reduce sensory overload and uncover the natural rhythm between my newborn, my partner and I

The awareness that the birth imprints into our nervous system and we can easily become imbalanced and dysregulated.

The understanding that there are particular foods and herbs that will build and sustain milk supply as well as promote optimal health.

The desire to be mothered with the type of mothering that is a true expression of unconditional love, where I am are completely held, safe at the deepest level and nourished.

The awareness that in order to ensure my own health is optimal I need to bring in expert support.


Here's How We Can Help!


Our Ayurvedic approach to postpartum healing and wellness ensures you receive the care you deserve during this special period in your life.



We understand that every woman has different needs and cultural influences so we provide customized care tailored to your individual journey.


We are committed to creating a safe space for you to bond with your baby as you heal and restore your body.



TIME. You may not have thought about just how much your body would need time to properly heal. There is this unsettling feeling in our body as we learn to adjust to our new bodies, new routines, and finding time to take care of ourselves. If you have a hard time asking for help it can be even harder. Women are held to extremely high standards in life by being expected to give and care so much to and for others. But asking for help shouldn’t feel impossible or like a failure. It’s scary to ask for help. Sometimes, the risk of asking for help can feel greater than the reward.Brooke's perspective to postpartum is different than any other doula due to her understanding of restoring the energetic body. She brings her knowledge, skills and Ayurvedic tools to restore your (and your babes) mind, body and home.



meal prep.png

There is so much going on in your body, so much movement and change so vata tends to go out of balance; and as result we commonly experience inflammation, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, temperature fluctuations, amongst many other changes in our body. By incorporating nutrient-dense foods (full of protein, good fats, micronutrients, and galactagogues) and herbal teas you soothe your nerves, encourage healthy digestion and elimination, builds a healthy milk supply, pacify vata, and remove ama (toxins) from your system.


Based on a predetermined schedule we will come to your home and prepare foods either on a daily or weekly basis throughout the first 6 weeks postpartum. We can even help you create meal plans for meal-trains for family and friends to help out.

Nourish your Body



To restore your energy and vitality (balance vata) as well as protect your immune system you will want to bring in the opposite qualities: warm, heavy, moist, stable and regulated. Through the power of oil massage (abhyanga) and supportive modalities like marma therapy (marma chikitsa), dry brushing (Garshana), lumbo-sacral rejuvenation therapy (Kativasti) and deep belly breathing (pranayama). These powerful practices will help you rejuvenate your mind and body, and give you the strength and confidence you need to take on motherhood.

We will bring our equipment to your home each time and spend ample time with you to ensure you are feeling restored.

Restore your Strength


belly binding_edited.jpg

Enhance your recovery experience by incorporating therapeutic techniques like Bengkung belly binding, vaginal (yoni) steaming, prana and reiki healing. Restore your reproductive health and feel renewed beyond what you thought from these wellness rituals as they increase blood flow, which correlates to an increase in milk supply and circulation, while reducing swelling, pain and inflammation, as well as soothes the nervous system.

We provide you the option to buy or rent binds as well as offer hands-on support to ensure you are practicing with them daily. We know that these simple therapeutic techniques will not only provide support now but can be used throughout your entire life. 

Enhance Recovery



It is important for your baby to remain in your auric field for the first 6 weeks after birth as you are their entire world. Remember, they do not know the world without your heartbeat. So it is imperative to take this time to really get to know them, their cues, and support them in developing a regulated nervous system that is built on safety and security as they transition onto this cold, wet, bright, loud world. 

We will help you gain confidence and experience in reading your newborn cues, soothe, bathe, diaper changes (cloth and disposables), care for umbilical cord stump and circumcision site, baby wearing, dressing and rocking them to sleep just to name a few. We will also hold and comfort your newborn so you (and your partner) can shower, eat, sleep and spend quality time with your other children.

Understanding Newborns



Natures Perfect Design


Establishing a breastfeeding experience actually needs to begin in pregnancy by nourishing your body with all of the nutrients it needs to create an abundant and quality supply for your newborn. 

We believe the quality or your milk supply will vary depending on your diet, hydration, lifestyle, genetics and the process of labor and birth. Studies show that natural births lead to higher success rates due to not having any side effects of pain medications, but we've had many positive experiences with 


Our in-home sessions allow for a calm environment, with a clear focus on ensuring healthy feedings for your baby. With education included, you will have a better grasp of how and when to collect colostrum and breastfeed, support proper latching, setting up nursing stations, and have resources on hand if you should encounter any issues or complications.

fold laundry postpartum_edited.jpg

While your attention shifts to nurturing your newborn it is important that your family and home are looked after. Based on your personal needs, we offer additional support such as light household organization to ensure that your home is presentable for guests, bottle cleaning, and laundry, walking and feeding domestic animals. This is often something overlooked but makes a huge difference in how you feel during this time of recovery.

Tending to the Home



what are they saying

Our experience with Brooke was remarkable. I felt so discouraged after the birth of our daughter and with my husbands' new business taking off we knew that I needed some help not only with my own healing, but around the house. She came 3 days a week for the first 6 weeks and offered me such tenderness as I worked on settling into my new routine with my baby.


We had a long journey getting here and after experiencing postpartum depression with my last miscarriage my husband hired Brooke so that I was able to just rest and heal. Brooke's positive energy just fills the space, she loves to share her knowledge, and is very giving of her time. It was such a special time in my life and am grateful to have had her at my side. 


Brooke was such a godsend. Her gentle touch and care allowed me to feel rested each day. That alone was such a gift to myself as I have older children and needed help in establishing a personal care routine. Her knowledge in nutrition and Ayurvedic bodywork gave me the reassurance that I needed.


Pstprtum Invetmnt


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most often asked questions an expectant family has inquired about prior to hiring me, if there isn't an answer to a question that you have please feel free to contact me. 



Aspired Mother offers a selection of Ayurvedic postpartum doula services that you can purchase prior to the arrival of your baby or as soon as you decide that you need more support. We can also customize a care plan to fit your unique needs - be sure to ask us!

All sessions can be scheduled to fit your needs and desires for support. For example, they can be bunched together in the first week or two after your baby arrives or spread out over the course of the entire three months of your fourth trimester.



FROM $125 TO $350


⇢ We accept payments by debit/credit card and Health Savings Accounts.

⇢ Payment plans are available, upon request.

⇢ We offer special rates for repeat clients. 

⇢ A deposit is required to secure your timeframe and paid in full before 32 weeks gestation.

Insurance: Ayurvedic Postpartum Services are not covered by Insurance. However, you can use your Health Savings Account card as well as adding our services to your registry.

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