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Reiki for Birthworkers

Join us for a two-day training May 20-21 10:00 AM to 4:00PM 

Come learn more about the secrets of this powerful Japanese healing modality and how it can be instrumental in not only healing yourself, but in support your clients throughout their birth journey.

You will learn:
* the history, basic principles and elements of Reiki
* the chakra system, their formation and how to check for misalignment
* how to send energy to points on your body for stress relief and pain management
* how to work with clients and their babies
* learn how to shield and protect your energy

Each element of our training involves a combination of the following: 
* breathwork
* fear release exercises
* guided meditation
* journaling

Our trainings include a manual, lunch and light snacks, and 6-months of continuing education with weekly calls, case studies, and monthly experiential opportunities for practice.

👉🏼 No prerequisite required. 




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